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Family Tradition at its Finest.

Since 1939, the Amano family name has stood for quality in naturally aged whole bean soy sauce and miso (soybean and rice paste). Drawing on three generations of Japanese brewing and miso tradition, Amano products are hand crafted and carefully aged using select organic ingredients. We have our supplier’s assurances that these materials are GMO free. Our products are Kosher certified and Organic certified.

An artisan production, this third-generation Japanese family (a grandson using his grandfather’s recipe) locally produces high-end soy sauce in Richmond, BC. Only small batches are made, like a boutique wine. He follows traditional brewing methods, using big drums in a heated room for a week that mysteriously changes the taste. It’s good old family tradition. A special, very expensive, batch from Japan is brought in under their label that is wheat-free.

Interested in a few saucy facts? Good soy sauce, when swished around in a white dish, should be a reddish colour and should not smell salty. And Tamari soy sauce is the first pressing of soy sauce — much like extra virgin oil.

Available in the following sizes: 18 L, 4/4 L, 12/500 ml, 12/250 ml

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Amano Wheat Free Tamari

This is imported from Japan in wheat-free facilities and is made with soybeans only. Naturally brewed with no preservatives, this soy sauce is ideal for those with food allergies.

Amano Soy Sauce

Amano's Japanese style of soy sauce. Natural brewed, it is a blended soy sauce, lighter and subtler than the Tamari soy sauce. Ideal for sushi, salad dressings, marinades, and perfect for table use. Kosher certified.

Amano Organic Tamari

A premium soy sauce, the first pressing of carefully aged soy mash, this soy sauce is completely natural with a distinctive, smooth finish that can be used to accompany sushi or to flavour sauces, marinades, soups, and dressings. No preservatives or food additives. Kosher and Organic certified.