Health & Safety


Not Your Average Warehouse.

Sonray is proud to be a federally recognized HACCP facility since 2006. HACCP stands for “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points”, an initiative from the Government of Canada to ensure safety of the food supply, protect the environment, and contribute to the health of Canadians. HACCP is by no means required for our company, but it makes Sonray unique and above the rest. We’ve achieved the highest Canadian standard for our industry. It is the top level of cleanliness that you can get in a facility.

“Why are you applying?” we were asked when we applied. “It is gross overkill.” It was the cleanest facility for dry storage that they had ever seen. Here at Sonray we have a reputation for cleanliness. Anyone can rent a warehouse and store boxes, but we don’t settle for average around here. So why did we apply? Well it wasn’t our love of paperwork — there sure is a lot involved in keeping one’s certification. It all comes back to our company at its core: quality products, quality staff, and even quality operations.


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