Reliable Distribution


On Time Every Time.

Sonray knows how tight the appointment windows are for deliveries. So we understand the importance of shipping on time. Known in the industry for having a tightly run organization, missing a time slot is just not an option. As regulated by Sonray, and enforced by HACCP, all our carriers must be top-notch vehicles. If a truck has an odour or a leaky roof, we will, without hesitation, refuse the truck and send for a new one. Every inbound or outbound truck is inspected or denied. We’re a proud member of the CHEP program, which regulates an international standard on all warehouse boards.

And we are the fussiest board guys around! We receive boards from various freight companies and hand-select the best ones and separate them from the bad ones. We ship the bad ones out to be repaired, and get replacement boards back. Only the good boards are shipped out to our manufacturers so we can guarantee our products will arrive on WCB-approved and industry regulated boards. This helps ensure no orders are denied.


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