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If a product line makes it to our sales team, it is scrutinized by a team of testers. We’ll ask questions like, “Does this taste good?” “Would I use this at home?” “What does the market offer?” “Is it environmentally-friendly?” With our team being so discerning, it keeps our portfolio very selective and our sales team focused. You can relax when purchasing products through us because your customers will be impressed with what’s inside the package. We are certainly proud of the products we provide, and are not embarrassed to put any of our brands in front of you; in fact, we all use them ourselves. What better example to show how much we believe in them?

For example, consider Nomura & Company’s rice line that includes Kokuho Rose®. This unique seed is harvested seven times before it is released to the farmers as plantable seed.

As a second-generation Japanese family business with its office based in San Francisco, California, this quality assurance process is a testament to Nomura & Company’s undying level of excellence. Sonray is very proud to represent all their product lines.

Or consider Amano soy sauce, handcrafted using their grandfather’s recipe and done in small batches for utmost quality.

Then there’s PaperChef’s parchment paper that is made in France for top chefs in fully recyclable packaging. Their website lists wines that pair well with an easy-to-prepare dinner dish that uses parchment paper.

Whether it is soy sauce, honey, rice, or parchment paper, one thing is certain: these products are to be enjoyed by even the most discerning connoisseur.


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