Company History

From our family to yours.

Sonray Enterprises was originally founded in 1973 by Bill Hornell, who then changed the company to Sonray Sales Ltd. in 1977.

Sonray is a family business whose name comes from a story of love and family. Elaine, daughter of Ray McKeown, and Bill Hornell dated until they were married in 1969 and Elaine became co-founder of the business. Over the years, Ray took Bill under his wing and treated him like the son he never had. Ray and Bill became very close and very big parts of each other’s lives. To honour their relationship Bill made sure to incorporate Ray’s name into his company. Thus the name Sonray was born.



Sonray started as a 200 square foot office in the basement of Bill’s family home. It is now a 10,000 square foot warehouse with an in-house delivery fleet. It is also a HACCP certified facility. Sonray ships internationally and has increased the distribution of many leading brands around the world.

We’re proud of our long history of working with brands such as Bee Maid Honey, where we served as the sole western Canadian distributor for 31 years, taking the brand from a small farmer’s co-op to an internationally known product; Kokuho Rose® rice, who we’ve worked with since 1973 to distribute the finest grains of rice all over the world; and PaperChef, makers of  environmentally conscious multi-purpose parchment paper, baking cups and cooking bags, an incredible partner since 2009.


Looking Forward

Our commitment is to stay current and keep moving forward as the market evolves. We are committed to educating consumers about the quality brands we work with, and growing the distribution of these products as well as bring in more unique, high quality products.

We don’t choose just any brand. We’re always following Bill’s MO: “It must be unique and of good quality. If it’s innovative we’re interested.”



Bill and Elaine Hornell